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Startups Aren’t All Rainbows and Sunshine

But here’s why we still try…


Startup are hard. They’re also lonely, exhausting and a little scary.

Startups are full of uncertainties.

Are you working to solve the right problem? Are you moving fast enough to solve that problem? Does that problem even exist?

Startups are underdogs by nature, but contrary to what Gladwell makes you believe for every 10 Davids there are 10 thousand Brians, Peters and Jessicas whose defeats aren’t chronicled in the annuls of history.

Some days it seems like everybody is working on the your problem, only they’re way ahead, have way more funding and just hired away Jane Doe from Google. Oh ya, their ceo also went to Harvard.

Some days the cards just feel stacked against you, and it takes everything in your power not to throw in the towel. You’re overworked and underpaid. It’s not at all like what you read on Techcrunch.

But then other days you get feedback like this one which I received over the weekend,

You guys have turned an incredible website into an outstanding, miraculous tool that will help thousands, and maybe millions of people understand the complexity of the financial world.
You guys are all doing a tremendous job, and I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

and you realize the product you built makes an actual difference to real people in the world and all of a sudden it’s all worthwhile.