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Uber and Quebec

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In what should come as absolutely no shock to anyone who knows anything about Quebec politics, it is looking more and more like Uber is going to leave the province. Now, Uber is not the first company to be jettisoned from Quebec, but this one feels much more impactful. This…

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On Decisions

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The main difference between working for a company and running a company is the sheer number of decision you’re forced to make. I get bogged down by the number of decisions on my plate, and wrestle with the balance between quick action and critical thought. I’ve realized that decisions come…

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An Amateur’s Guide to Investing. 

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For over six years, I worked at Wall Street Survivor, first as basically an intern and eventually running our marketing and product development departments. We grew to become the web’s most popular stock market education platform helping hundred’s of thousands of investors learn about the stock market. However, when I…

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New Year

Resolve to Resolute

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New Year’s is my favorite time of year. Always is. But not for the typical reasons. I couldn’t care less about the ball dropping and Ryan Seacrest or overpriced parties and champagne. What I do love about December 31st is the opportunity to flip the page on the year. It’s…

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Where shall we eat lunch?

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Thoughts on startups from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of those books which you can read a dozen times and pick up something with each read. The character’s are unexceptional. You have one morose Englishman in search of a good cup…

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